Why Fast International?

  • Fast International Dedicated to Medical and Pharmaceutical business upgrade.
  • Strong & wide Public Relations.
  • Well trained staff (CTP).
  • Excellent Financial & Technical capabilities.
  • Strong IT Department.
  • Optimum area coverage.
  • Optimum delivery system – 24hrs in Khartoum and 72hrs for regions.
  • Sale and Marketing coordination.
  • Stock availability all through the year.
  • Standard storage in our warehouse & dispatching room.

Our Strength

  •  Strong & Wide Public Relations.
  •  Well trained staff (CTP).
  •  Excellent Financial and Technical capabilities.
  •  IT Department.
  •  Optimum area coverage through Resident sales and Medical Reps.
  •  Optimum delivery system 24 hours in Khartoum area. Maximum 72 hours for remote in addition Domestic DHL delivery.
  •  Sale and Marketing coordination in planning and case studies.
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