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Fast International is dedicated to providing our partners both present and potential with the best business relationship.
A healthy working relationship stems from mutual trust, work ethics and commitment to quality service.
Our core values are based on respect for people, integrity and customer care.
At Fast International we believe our most valuable asset is our human capital.
By implementing our Continuous Training Program (CTP) we consider ourselves pioneers in increasing and maintaining our employee’s skills and knowledge by conducting regular training sessions and workshops.

Brief History

  • Fast International was established in early 1982 in Port Sudan to work in the field of shipping, transport, custom clearance and to follow up the activities of international insurance companies working in Port Sudan such as Lloyd’s Company.
  • In 1991 It became as a branch of the National Inspection and Survey Office
  • Then it moved to Khartoum, the capital, in the same year to start new activities in the capital, this expanded mainly due to Fast International’s longstanding relationship with non-government organizations (NGO’s) and other agencies

Business Areas

  • Pharmaceutical Division.
  • Transport and Clearance.
  • Agricultural Division.
  • Medical Equipment , Hospitals Supplies
  • Food Processing Division.
  • Mining (New)
  • Engineering, Power and Energy (New)
  • Electricity. (New)
  • Education (New)

Computer System

Towards our goal, we have installed a modern computer system throughout giving our clients two distinct advantages:
1. Ordering, invoicing and dispatch are quick and simple.
2. Most importantly computerized warehousing assures that the products move efficiently through the pipeline for longest shelf-life and product efficiency.


  • Our main warehouse is specially designed to withstand the rigors of the Sudanese climate to guarantee products freshness.
  • Customized air conditioners maintain temperatures from 15º – 25º degrees Centigrade.
  • In addition to a cold room for products that need refrigerators.
  • Our new two warehouse has a current capacity of 2000sqm, designed to meet the updated International Standard (Good Storage Practice).
  1. Warehouse : Located in Kharouri, Bahri, Khartoum North, industrial street, square 2, block 17. The volume is 2,400m3

  2. Warehouse: Located in Kharouri, Bahri Khartoum North, Kafouri street, square 2 block 56. The volume is 2,625m3

  3. Warehouse: Located in Fast Company, Garden City. The volume is 537m3

  4. Warehouse: Located in Soba – Khartoum Soba Industrial area, square 11, block 3. The volume is 6,496m3

Board of Directors

Dr. Tarig Mohy Aldin


Captain Yassir Mohy Aldin

Vice Chairman

Dr. Osama Mohy Aldin


Dr. Shihab Mohy Aldin


Mr. Ammar Mohy Aldin


Our Partners


We take pride in every project we have done. We have grown a lot with our work years.

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